Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why I love my husband.

Sometimes, when we're not ridiculously tired and Gabe doesn't fall asleep in the short time frame between going to bed and me turning off the lights and following him, we lay in bed and giggle and make fun of each other, which makes us giggle more.

Some frequent topics of our fun-poking:
... my giant nostrils that flare spontaneously while I am talking
... the weird, high-pitched rush of air that comes out before his laugh when he's tired
... my undying love for the song "To Be With You"
... the way he uses words wrong or mispronounces the right ones
... my impossible crush on John Krasinski
... the crush he doesn't have on Natalie Portman but I make fun of him for it anyway
... when we both fail at successfully making fun of each other

We're really sweet, I know.

Here is a recent exchange that occurred after I made fun of him for something that I can't even remember:

Gabe: Good night, jerk.
Me: Good night, jerkier.
Gabe: Good night, jerkiest.
Me: Good night, King of the Jerks Infinity.
[Then I cracked up.]
Gabe: Good night, my wife who acts twelve years old.

I love him so much.

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Audreee said...

He was just mad because you outwitted him with "king of jerks infinity", so he went for the cheap blow with the 12 year-old comment.
I know someone just like him. Hint:I'm married to him.