Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am having delusions fantasies of wonderful outdoor things we can do this spring and summer, now that we live in a more temperate climate and Gabe has normal (not overnight like last summer) work hours.

I want the three of us to go hiking and biking and walking and swimming and running and all kinds of wonderful things that will keep our minds and bodies healthy.

I want a bike that isn't too tall for me, with a bike trailer for Liam to sit in. We'll bike everywhere.

I wish we owned a canoe or kayaks so we could paddle around Range Pond or the marshes in Scarborough.

I want us to take two walks a day! And not breathe heavy after coming back up the hill!

I'd love to have a jogging stroller!

I wonder if my Target sneakers would hold up through hiking Mt. Katahdin. Ha!

I want to be covered in sun block and bug spray until September!

I just want to GET OUT. We've spent the winter cooped up- we've stayed in the living room a lot, since it's the warmest room in our apartment. It's the warmest because it doesn't have any windows, because the windows here are old and seriously drafty. Drafty like, you walk by and feel a cold WIND. Even when it's not WINDY. This winter was ridiculous and we've got ants in our pants. (Please don't take that literally.)

And next winter? We're buying a plastic sled around Thanksgiving, since stores stop selling them right after Christmas (!!!). And I want to go cross country skiing all! the! time!

The weather is getting warmer and warmer- in the 40's and 50's some days!- and we've already gone on a few walks and breathed fresh air. Not fresh, five-degree air drafting in THROUGH our windows. But real, sunny, cool air. This week is supposed to be amazing, weather-wise, and I can't wait to keep getting out!

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Scott said...

I wish I could give you my bike trailer! We have one (got it at Target last year) that also converts to a stroller but the kids would not leave each other alone in it so we eventually just bought two individual seats for the back of our bikes. We really enjoy biking with the kids around our neighborhood.