Wednesday, March 18, 2009

baby steps

We can't afford the purchases right now but I've been researching different things that could help me in my spring and summer outdoorsy quest, and I found out that some bike trailers convert right into jogging strollers!

A single beam of light is shining upon my hopeful face.

I walked briskly and even jogged part of the way for 1.3 miles today when Gabe got home. I know that's not far or a big deal (I can actually hear some of your eyes rolling) but for me, in the states my mind and body are in now, it's kind of huge. Plus, like Gabe told me, I have to start somewhere.

Now, if only I hadn't consumed half a box of Bottlecaps today. And a doughnut (but it was only 49 cents with my coffee this morning!). And a coffee with cream and extra sugar (they actually have me the wrong one... whoever got my actual order was probably really pissed. I drank their coffee anyway.)

Tomorrow I'll be better. My walk/run has really done a lot for me already.


Anonymous said...

Those bike trailer/jogging strollers look awesome!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

I say YAY! Keep it up! When I come up North you and I are going to jog together... 3 miles!!

Jes said...

walk/runing is great for you! I've been running since October, training for an 8K which is Saturday, I think after that I might do some walk/running because I've heard you actually lose weight faster with interval running. we will see. :) You're doing great! and you're right, you do have to start somewhere.