Wednesday, March 25, 2009

household hazards of the toddler kind

"I'm sorry about the yelling, but he wouldn't listen. There was a tidal wave coming out of the tub. A tidal wave. And I got mad. He got my pants wet. My shirt. He got my head wet; the tidal wave reached my head. My head! I was engulfed." -Gabe Wolf, my husband, after bath time this evening.

I am so glad that bath time is daddy-son time.
I mean, look at this kid's moves.



Jes said...

That made me laugh. oh my goodness! Those are some massive waves! My daughter barely splashes, probably because we yell at her every time she does. Maybe we need to let her have more fun in the tub. he he. He's adorable!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

OH gosh he is soakingly fantastic!