Monday, December 29, 2008

oh, hi

So, I guess I took an unofficial Christmas vacation from my blog. It was mostly unintentional and there's also the fact that I haven't had a lot to say.

I do hope you've all been safe and healthy and warm, and happy and comfortable. I hope you all ring in the New Year safely, with fun and love, and that 2009 brings you amazingness. (Yeah, it's a word. Kind of. If you understand its meaning, it counts, right?)

This year, for the first time ever, I am making a list of resolutions that I intend to keep. It will involve making changes to be the kind of person, mom and wife I would love to be, as well as taking myself seriously as an artist and businessperson.

I have all kinds of goals and dreams for Quiet City and I fully intend to make this THE YEAR to make things happen. Lists and goals and resolutions are outside of my comfort zone. I am more accustomed to shrugging and letting things happen to me (good and bad) rather than working hard for my dreams and making things happen. I know that sounds awful (and it is) but it's the curse of middle child/ depressed/ absent-minded.

2009 will be different for me.

Do you make resolutions?

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I had the kind of day today that I should have more often.

I'm not saying it was flawless, or that Liam was a perfect angel the whole time. But it was good. He was as good as an 18-month-old should be and I felt today like a really good mom. (I am not trying to start a pity party but all moms and dads know these ups and downs. Some days, you just know you could be better.)

Gabe came home early for lunch so we could switch possession of the car. I drove him back to work and I went straight to Joker's so Liam could let out some of his toddler energy. He went straight to the rocking horse he loves so much, played a bit in the Little Tikes car, and tried to climb up the slide several times, slipping around in his socks. While there, some big kid bully tried having a mean staring contest with him, which I'll describe in another post so I don't soil this one, but Liam got over it way faster than I did and soon had the whole toddler corner all to himself.

When we left Joker's it was lunchtime so we went to Sam's for some pizza. Liam LOVES pizza. He got a little antsy while we were waiting so I took him out of the high chair (I forgot to bring a snack to keep him busy while our food cooked) and he had fun watching himself good around in the mirror. Once our mushroom pizza was ready he happily ate with little mess and waved at some other patrons nearby. He was tired and rubbing his eyes so when we got back to the car I considered going home for a nap or continuing our outing, and decided to finish the errands so we could pick Gabe up on time from work.

In the five minutes it took to drive from Sam's to Walmart, Liam was fast asleep so I sat in the car with the radio running until he woke up. We did our groceries- it was CHAOS in there so it took us almost an hour and I felt the same as Liam acted, but we munched on a few Goldfish crackers to distract us.

From there we went to the post office and Liam danced in line, amusing the ladies in front of us. When we were done there we got to Gabe's work just in time to pick him up.

Perfection, in timing of the day's activities and in that we got out of the house for a really good chunk of the day. Perfection, in that I felt like a good mom, getting time for Liam and myself to do the things we needed to do- together. Perfection, in that I felt like if he had the words, he would have told me, "Mom, I had a really fun time today." And that's just what I need.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

snow day

I woke up to the ground already covered in snow and it kept up slowly and steadily all day. So what did I do? I dressed Liam up in more layers than he could walk in, and we went outside.




It's really December now.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Things I have laughed at lately

Passive-Aggressive Notes: flow charts we can all relate to

Go Fug Yourself: the Jessica Simpson post I am unable to link directly to

Photo Shop Disasters
: the Jolie-Pitts have infinite children

I've also laughed at this guy:

Friday, December 12, 2008


Dear Sleet & Snow,

Please stop. You are totally cramping my style.

Nora McCourtney-Wolf

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Liam's Half-Birthday **updated**

Our day dawned earlier than usual, and warmer. It was five degrees two night ago and today it's nearly sixty. This may be why I am magically not pissy today.

I'll update this post later with more about Liam but here are his 18-month Christmas pictures from Saturday, December 6. Happy Half-Birthday, my love.







**The update**
Liam's vocabulary: book, dog, woof, ball, duck, wack (as in, "What does a duck say?" - "Wack!"), Daddy, Mama, no, bug, onk (as in, "What does a pig say?" - "Onk!"), sshhhh (his way of saying shoes and cheese), walk, hi, bock (as in, What does a chicken say? - "Bock! Bock!"), block, whoa! and door. He also knows how to say balloon and bottle, but hasn't lately because he hasn't seen any. He's currently learning how to say bird. He's able to identify an endless amount of things he can't say by pointing.

He'll squeal, "No, no, no, no!" in glee sometimes when he's playing with Gabe, but he'll also chant it sadly when something doesn't go his way.

He knows how to get into trouble, and thinks he knows how to get out of it. Lately, he'll turn his chin into his left shoulder, purse his lips, and scowl. That's his "But, I didn't mean to," face. Or if he's poking at the DVD player or something else he knows he's not allowed to touch, and he gets caught, he'll look away really quick and pretend he was playing with something else, like lint in the rug.

He's officially off the bottle for good and on sippy cups full time. It was an easier transition than I anticipated and I would have done it a lot sooner had I known. Over the summer he self-weaned from his pacifier during the day, using it only for sleeping. When he got sick in September I gave it to him for comfort and he's been using it during the day still, even though he's been fine for three months. This time he seems to want and need it more when he didn't before, so I've begun a long, slow process of providing less access to it, and he seems ok with that.

When he sits next to me on the couch, he'll sit as close as possible. He'll reach over, take my hand and hold it in his lap. Sometimes he leans his head on my shoulder. When we get up in the morning we are both feeling a bit sluggish. We come to the living room and lay on the couch together, watching kid's shows until breakfast. This is such sweetness.

Liam loves, LOVES playing with Gabe because Gabe's the daddy and will play in ways I don't- more swinging, more upside-down, more tickling. They are the best of buddies. He comes to me more for the cuddling and reading and calmness, although he does show that softness and vulnerability with Gabe from time to time, and it's really beautiful to watch.

If we say the word monkey he makes his version of a monkey sound ("Ha! Ha! Ha!") and waves his hands above his head. When asked what an elephant says, he sticks one arm up like a trunk and if we're lucky he trumpets his lips a little. He knows what bears, lions, tigers, dinosaurs, and most other big animals say: "Rawwwwr..." he growls deep in his throat.

His hair is getting thicker and longer and required his first haircut in the middle of November. I just cut his hair that was getting in his eyes, but I have to trim the sides and back now that they're catching up.

Liam's favorite books are Good Night Moon and The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown, and The Rooster Struts by Richard Scarry. Most things with animals will get his attention. Also on the top of his hobby list: dancing. He dances to any music, and sometimes even the swish-swish of me brushing my teeth and the chug-chug of the washing machine.

Friday, December 5, 2008

ice cream surprise

Tonight I got home from my sister's just in time to sit down and watch The Office. Liam was sleeping, and I knew I'd be able to hear every single clever word and not have to divert my eyes from the screen.

Hey, when you only ask for thirty minutes of television a week, you are allowed to want and expect complete and total concentration on the awesomeness that is The Office.

At the first commercial break I already had a goofy grin and I got up to get some ice cream because I figured, if I am watching The Office in complete and total glee, why not add all natural mint chocolate chip to the mix?

As I got up I said, "This is going to be like the best thirty minutes of my week!" Meaning, of course, aside from the minutes I spend actually interacting with people who love me.

When Gabe saw me heading to the door he asked me to get him some ice cream.

I twirled around, flashing my smile, and said, "But of course! That's exactly where I am going right now!" I leaned down and gave him one of those kisses usually reserved for more special occasions than eating ice cream together (unless that's what the kids are calling it these days).

"Mmmm," he hummed as I once again headed for the door. "Where did YOU come from?"

I pointed to my corner of the couch. "Right there!" I guess I was still smiling really big or something because then he said:

"Oh my God, Jim Halpert turns you on, doesn't he??"


In other news:
1. In case any of you Twilight fans were offended by my last post, don't worry, I was totally kidding. I liked that movie more than I should. High five, Stephanie Meyer.
2. My art show is now in eight days. EIGHT DAYS. I have a lot to prepare for and yet I am completely distracted by what to wear to it. I am considering a post with photos of all of my options and have you guys vote. That's how much I am worrying about it.
3. Also distracted by writing my own bio and providing a photo of myself for the press release. What do I say?? Should my photo be fun or serious??? Too many decisions!
4. I haven't been sick lately but I have not been feeling good. It sucks. A lot. Today I felt like my body was not even mine.
5. This is a big month for me: art show, my birthday, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.
6. Liam turns 18 months tomorrow. Really? Already?
7. It's almost 2 am now. Liam is awake. This is what I get for my thirty minutes of silence earlier in the evening.