Monday, March 16, 2009

An overly productive Monday (by McCourtney-Wolf standards)

So far today I have:

+ Slept in and snuggled in bed with Liam
+ Gotten us both ready in time for Gabe's lunch break so we could get the car for the afternoon
+ Eaten a well-balanced lunch
+ Drawn and read with Liam
+ Shipped two orders and found a post office that still has Edgar Allan Poe stamps in stock!
+ Purchased Liquid-Plumr
+ Wondered why they purposely misspell "plumber"
+ Liquid-Plumr-ed the bathroom sink
+ Resolved not to let as much of my hair go down the drain of the bathroom sink
+ Taught Liam how to say sealion (dee-lie!) and stingray (dee-ray!)

Later on I will:

+ Bring washed bedding to the laundrymat to dry
+ Wash and hang to dry another load of laundry
+ Scrub the tub and shower
+ Wash the dishes

I am currently contemplating:

+ Cleaning up and vacuuming the living room before we go pick Gabe up from work DONE!

ALSO. If you're in or near Maine you must, MUST go to the Portland Museum of Art for the Rock'n'Roll Photography exhibit. It ends on March 22, so hurry!