Monday, March 9, 2009

pronunciation key

One day Liam helped me fold laundry and he found my $1 Valentine socks, which he insisted I put on his feet immediately.


He is now twenty-one months old. Here's a list of some of his charming, inexact toddler talk:

apple = ab-oh, ab-ol
banana = mah-na
bath = bahh
belly = beh-ee
blanket = bank-ah
bunny = bah-ee
cheese = sshhhhh
chickpea = chi-pee
cookie = kee-kee
cup = dup
Daddy = Dah-ee
diaper = dipe or dipe-uh
eat = eeeeaT (emphasis on E and T)
fart = bart
go = goooooooo!
happy = abby or habby
hat = haT (emphasis on the T)
kick = tick
kitty = ditty
Mama = MuhMuh, MumMum, Mah-mee
more = mo-ah? (always a question)
morning = morrin
owl = owwa
pee = peeee-peeeeeeee
pickle = pucka
poop = pup
potty = paw-ee
sheep = deep
shoe = doo
sleep = deep
sorry = dorry
stop = dop!
tickle = tick-uh
toe = doe
turtle = torrel
uncle = ung-o
water = wah-er
whale = way-ohhhhhh

The words he has perfected are the ones he's been saying the longest, like book, dog and duck- but he also says Pop very well. Pop is my dad, Liam's Grandpop.

He's putting more words together, like "my cup"/"daddy's cup"/"i poop"/"kitty eat". So far his longest sentence is still "I did a poop."

By his second birthday he'll be reading and reciting full encyclopedia entries, I'm sure.

That is, if he doesn't get too busy pretending to sleep, like this:


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