Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coffee & Counting

I guess my coffee consumption is on the rise and Liam's heard me murmur "I need coffee," more than I realized because it's one of his words now. He pronounces it "coppee." Whenever I'm drinking from a white lidded up he points and says, "Coppee?"

When we're in the car and I pull into a drive-thru he starts repeating, "Coppee. Coppee? Cooooppee." I guess he recognizes all of the Dunkin Donuts all over town from his rear-facing position.

Last night Liam was talking about coffee again when we were trying to get him to drink his milk. Gabe handed him his milk cup and told him it's coffee. Liam took a gulp, said "Mmmmmm! Coppee!" and giggled. He drank all of his milk. Pretending is awesome.

This morning he was ignoring his milk again but the pretend-coffee trick didn't work. He was probably thinking, "This coffee tastes an awful lot like that boring-ass milk they give me every day and I'm in no mood to make-believe. I need me some COPPEE."

Maybe he's drawn to my change in mood after I have coffee. I relax and sigh, and inhale the aroma, and smile dreamily. I wish I was exaggerating. But I like coffee an awful lot lately. Liam's perceptive enough to know that mommy goes from tired and tense to relaxed yet productive after a medium coffee with skim milk and sugar.

ALSO CUTE: I've been counting with Liam when we play and read. I'll count his blocks, Goldfish crackers, dogs in a book. He's started counting too: "Doo, bee, doo, bee, doo, bee..."

Translation: Two, three, two, three, two, three... He'll get it.

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