Sunday, February 8, 2009

a broken heart can't be that bad

A note to the people who watched SNL last night and have since made the phrase "I'm the one who wants to be with you" the number-5 ranked Google search:

The song is called, simply, "To Be With You" and it's by a band called Mr. Big, which has nothing to do with Sex and the City. I have loved this song with inexplicable fervor since I first heard it when I was 11. I would sing it on the walk home from the bus stop in fifth grade when I would take the shortcut through the woods, where no one but the birds and trees and squirrels and snails could hear me.


And join me in the fervor.


Rebecca said...

I used to LOVE this song too!!!

Lydia said...

oh lord... this song STILL gives me goose bumps!
I was also 10-11 when I fell in love with it, I loved it so much, I felt like it was MY song!! no one else felt the way i felt about it... at least I thought so, until now :)