Monday, March 23, 2009

adorable overload

Liam gets to spend a LOT of time with me so naturally he's always way excited when Gabe's home. Liam loves waking up next to his daddy, automatically smiling and cooing, "Hi, Daddy. Daddy. Hi, Daddy." If Gabe is already in the shower when Liam wakes up he wastes no time getting out of bed and checking the bathroom for his favorite guy.

This morning Liam became restless as soon as Gabe got out of bed, and he stirred and cried in his sleep for a few minutes until he rolled over and opened his eyes. He pointed to a speck of something on the sheet, groaned, then made his surprised face when a loud car rumbled by. When I smiled he flung himself back into the crook of my arm, nuzzled his face close and gave me a sleepy smile. "Daddy. Hi, Daddy. Hi, Daddy."

I considered pretending for a bit, afraid to disappoint my sleepy babe, but decided to reveal my true identity. "Good morning, Liam. It's Mama. Mama loves you."

His eyes refocused on my face and he kept smiling, pushing his cheek against mine. "Mama," he sighed. "Hi, Mama. Hi, Mama."

We'll still be co-sleeping for a while.

This is the face Liam makes when I ask him to show me his teeth.

Lately he's been chirping, "Alloooo, alloooo," practicing his L sound, and he sounds like a little Frenchman (well technically he is). I am charmed since this is how some of my relatives say Hello.


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Nicole said...

absolutely darling.