Friday, February 20, 2009

That Nora Show

Winter is winding down- I insist this to myself, despite the recent snows. We're closing in on the end of February, which means one (long. very long) month until April, when we're pretty much in the clear. The snow will melt, the sun will fall warm on our skin, and there'll be green again. Not this white/ brown/ gray BLAH.

We've been watching more TV lately than I care to admit. Luckily Liam isn't too interested in much of it. I've fallen into Gabe's habit of using the TV as background noise. With one car in our household, not a lot of spending money, and not a lot going on in this area anyway, the winter is long, with hard crusty snow, spent mostly indoors. With the TV on in the background, BLAH.

I've reconnected with an old favorite of mine from high school- I watch That 70s Show in syndication when I catch it. It makes me laugh out loud, frequently, and I need that lately, bad.

The show started in 1998, when I was about to enter my junior year of high school, and my family watched it together every week. My interest in it fell away probably around the time I went to college, because my life suddenly became interesting on its own. I didn't realize until yesterday (because I am dorky enough to have looked it up) that they were actually making new episodes until 2006, although on the show only about three years pass.

I've been reliving those eight seasons in reruns recently, remembering how, when I was watching this show the first time around, I wanted to be an actress in it. I wanted to go to Hollywood (because that's where all the shows are filmed, right?) and be on That 70s Show, playing Hyde's girlfriend because he was the funniest and most attractive male cast member, and be best friends in real life with the girl who plays Donna. And maybe make out with Danny Masterson in real life too. I obviously never lived that dream but that doesn't stop me from giggling when I see this:

Especially at 25 seconds, and then again at 54 seconds. What a dreamboat!

It's ok, Gabe has beat you to the punch and already called me a nerd about it.

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