Monday, February 16, 2009

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me.

I went to Subway last night to get sandwiches for Gabe and myself, since the food in our kitchen is scarce and I didn't feel like cooking. You know, after the energy I put into scrambling some eggs for Liam, phew!

This is part of my conversation with the woman behind the counter.
WOMAN: Do you want any mayo, mustard, oil, or dressing?
ME: Mustard, please.
WOMAN: What kind?
ME: Regular.

This is how is sounded on her side of the counter.
WOMAN: Do you want any mayo, mustard, oil, or dressing?
WOMAN: How much?

I don't hate ranch dressing as much as I used to but I definitely don't want a gallon of it on my veggie sub because then you can't taste anything else. And the woman was already kind of bitchy (kind of = very very) and I didn't stop her or ask her to start over because I am a total wimp like to avoid confrontation.

If I could measure her bitchiness in ranch dressing, it would be the amount of it she ruined my sandwich with. At home I wiped most of it off and only half-enjoyed my supper.

I usually don't like to complain here about crappy retail and food service employees because I have worked in retail and food service and I know it can be difficult. People always downplay how hard it can be if they've never done it, and consider it mindless and easy and below them. It's not. And I don't want anyone misunderstanding and think I am being mean because I think I am superior or something. I know I'm not. But FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I am tired of store employees being complete crapholes to me. I am always nice because I never want to be That Customer and in return, 75% of the time I get grunts, no eye contact, attitude and sometimes I am not even there.

It leaves me walking away thinking things like, "It's not MY fault you work at Subway/the gas station/Walmart but congratu-frickin-lations," or "YOU WORK AT FOREVER 21! Get over your faux-fashionista self!" which turns me into That Customer, but at least it's silently.

Am I the only with this luck? Do any of you encounter mostly friendly and helpful employees when you go shopping? Or do you get the "OMG I can't believe I have to look at your FACE while I'm at work, barf!"

Friendliness is contagious but negativity is easier to catch and spread. It's like a disease.

Wear rubber gloves.


Audreee said...

LOL. Oh....My experiences with angst ridden employees have been greatly reduced since I moved to the country. It's one thing I don't miss.

Bridget said...

HA HA!!! I just had a biotchy subway lady last week. How funny Here is how mine went...
So My meat and chesse is put on and it comes to the lady who puts the veggies on.
Her: What do you want on it?
Me: The works.
Her: do you want jalapenios and banana peppers?
Me: ummmm... (for not even 3 seconds)
Her: YES or NO? In a loud stern voice
Me: For another sec ummm
Her: YES OR NO?? even louder
ME: NO, I guess
Golly, I am so sorry for you nasty subway lady that it was such an incovenience to make my sandwich.
Ugh. I feel for you. And if I wasn't such a pansy, I too would have said something!

Anonymous said...

Here is my complaint: I order a sandwich with no tomatoes. The sandwich comes with a side salad (I would much prefer fries or chips, but whatev) and they throw a bunch of diced tomatoes all over the lettuce. Cause apparently some people HATE them on a sammich but LOVE them on a salad.