Monday, October 20, 2008

You remind me of the babe.

I recently became a genius when I thought of what my family could dress as for Halloween this year.

is one of my favorite movies and has been since I first saw it when I was five years old. I want Liam to be Toby on Halloween.

And I, of course, would be Sarah.

Which means only one thing, and it's brilliant: Gabe would be Jareth the Goblin King.

Despite my deep love for Labyrinth and excitement at the idea of creating and wearing these costumes, my husband has declined to make my Halloween dreams come true. I keep asking though, and he keeps saying no.

Recently I thought to ask him why. His response required no contemplation: "Nora? Maybe it's the spandex?"


Tonight, although defeated, I brought it up again. This time he said, "Not to get your hopes up or anything, but where would we even wear these costumes?"

"It doesn't matter, as long as there are pictures," I told him.

Maybe some other year...



caleyadams said...

That's brilliant! Gabe totally needs to give in and do this! I will be anxiously waiting to see these pictures. However many years it takes you to convince him. :)

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Nora you crack me up!!! I so want pictures of this.