Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dear John Krasinski. I tried.

All I wanted to do tonight was watch Leatherheads. I've been looking forward to it for a few days now, especially since I watched the debate on Thursday instead of The Office. I knew I would return the movie we rented earlier in the week today and rent Leatherheads in its place, and sit on my couch watching it alone in a John Krasinski-induced haze while Gabe is working and Liam is sleeping.

Yeah, I said it. I may have said it before. I will say it again. I have a big silly celebrity crush on John Krasinski.


No really. I only want to see Leatherheads because he's in it. George Clooney? Yeah, he's all right. He's not my cup of tea. Renee Zellweger? I only barely like her as Gina the Turbo Slut in Empire Records, simply because I have a big silly inexplicable crush on that movie. She just happens to be in it.

Ok ok and it looks funny too. But John Krasinski is in it.

I think this is ok as long as I can admit it. I only wanted to see License to Wed because John Krasinski was in it. I didn't though; Gabe wouldn't let me rent it. Not because of my big silly crush but because, something about Mandy Moore. Whatever.

So I rented Leatherheads. Liam went to sleep obediently and early tonight. I put the DVD in the player.



My DVD player does not like Leatherheads, it seems. The screen said LOADING for like five minutes straight. Yeah, five minutes. Or maybe one or two. I wasn't counting. I was staring at the screen as my DVD player failed to recognize the one movie in the whole world I need to watch right now to save me from another long night of staring at the internet.

Yeah whatever I could dig into my wall art again.

Yeah whatever I could write more of my novel.

Yeah whatever I could catch up on some housework.

Yeah whatever I could go to bed early!

But OhForTheLoveOfJohnKrasinski! I don't wanna.

I want to watch a movie starring John Krasinski so I can smile at his wit and timing and handsomeness. Did you know he's from Massachusetts? So am I, originally. We grew up less than an hour from each other until I was nearly six years old, and then when he was in college in Providence I happened to be a frequent visitor of the city. It's meant to be.

Just not tonight.

Oh, hi Gabe!

*photo from Men's Health magazine, not Nora McCourtney-Wolf


Bridget said...

Holy Crap I have a HUGE secret crush on John Krasinski too!!! That felt good...I have never told anyone LOL!! Why do you think James' name is James? huh? huh? Jim from the office maybe? Ok, well it is also my grandpa's name, but that is just a cover up! HA HA He is a total really don't know how excited I was for the office to come back on. Maybe you do :)

nicole said...

Try your computer. it plays DVDs just fine. Perhabs that one just doesn't like your DVD player and will work there and you can enjou your crush.

That Nora Girl said...

Bridget. Can I just say. When Jim proposed to Pam and kissed her in the rain. I wanted to be Pam.

Nicole. You're a genius.

Bridget said...

ahhh ha ha ha you are funny :) I wanted to start crying. LOL