Saturday, October 25, 2008

more overwhelming mommyness

Tonight when it was bedtime for Liam, our upstairs neighbor was partaking in one or more of the following:
- rearranging furniture
- playing with his giant bouncy ball collection
- Irish step dancing
- bowling
All of which are more fun to listen to than falling asleep, I assure you. So, rocking and humming and sweetness ensued, and also a little pissiness because Liam wasn't really feeling the whole sleeping thing at first.

There was a point in which I was cradling him- something we don't do a lot anymore because he's gotten so tall and he's not as comfortable that way as he used to be when he fit so perfectly in the crook of our arms- and his eyelids were growing heavy and he was only fighting sleep a little bit. His arm closest to me found its way around my waist and his other hand held onto mine.

Something came over me (big surprise, right?) and I thought about the fact that someday this boy is going to be a man, and he's going to get married, and I am going to dance with him at his wedding. With an arm around my waist and his other hand holding mine.



Bridget said...

James isn't going to grow up. I already decided this.

The Mouse House said...

LOL about the "bouncy ball collection" hehehe/

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Oh thanks for passing the tears this way.