Monday, October 20, 2008

boots, again, and a hallelujah

I mentioned a few entries back that I was aching over a pair of boots that was outside of my price range by about a bajillion dollars.

My heart broke some more when I took into consideration this little tidbit I usually forget to check on right away: most boots, including the ones I loved, are made of leather, and I am vegetarian. Enter me crying a little here.

Now, yes. Some vegetarians wear leather. Some vegetarians even eat gelatin. To some, there are gray areas about the vegetarian lifestyle, and that's fine for them because it's their life- but to me it's black and white. I don't wear or eat animals. Even if it's a beautiful pair of boots. Because ew, you know?


I'd rather that leather stays in the pasture, on the body it belongs to. Not mine. And isn't that a gorgeous cow? Look at that sweet cow face.

So, even though I never would have bought those boots because I don't have a bajillion dollars, I hung my head and continued The Great Boot Hunt of 2008. Which I just thought up the name for, just right now, so uncrinkle your nose. Our financial outlook is bleak, but I figure as I create more items for my shop, I might come up with some boot money- somehow, somewhere.

I saw some nice boots newly listed on the Target website for a very reasonable $35.00:


And by nice, I mean I had a fashion orgasm. Then I read further: LEATHER. Ack. Heartbroken. Fashion orgasm reversed- which is an unpleasant sensation, I assure you. And that was all that interested me from Target.

Next, I looked over a few websites I know of that carry animal-friendly footwear. But their prices were not reasonable (for me at least) and I pouted as I Googled "vegan boots" with very little hope and more than a little bitterness.

Then the heavenly light shone upon me and I heard angels singing as my eyes fell upon these beauts:


*Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* (That's the angels.)

These boots cost $55. Which is a lot of money for me- a LOT- but very reasonable considering their leather or popular-brand counterparts. I want them. I want them so bad., I think KNOW I love you. Please don't sell out of size 9's.

Please buy my postcards? Operation Boot Fund is now in action. One, two, three, GO!


Anonymous said...

"Fashion orgasm reversed..." LOL!

AndreAnna said...

Those are really cute!

So's the cow. I'd still eat him though. LOL

It sucks that in order to follow your lifestyle you have to spend more money. It's dumb.

I hope you sell more!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Oh that is such a cute cow... would you get mad that he makes me hungry? Is this wrong for me to put on your blog., it is ok for you to delete it!

Anyway, cute boots!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

OH, I just read the other comments... I guess that andreanna is on the same page as me.

But if this seems better, I believe the whole cow should be use!!! REally I do! :o)

Roxanne said...

This sweet cow face photo is exactly what I was looking for! As part of an ongoing effort to lead my meat-eating partner toward more compassionate consumption, I've created a humorous fridge-display art piece, just in time for Good Friday. The photo functions as the horizontal bar of the cross, while the vertical bar (a white cardboard cut-out) reads: "MOO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME." :)