Friday, January 9, 2009

The Ungood

You know how sometimes, there's this movie you keep seeing previews for on TV, and it doesn't look very good but you're kind of curious? And it's totally outside of the kind of movie you're generally interested in, but you agree to pay admission because if anything else, at least you're out of the house, right?

My sister asked me to see The Unborn with her. The best part of the evening was when she bought me a cherry Icee and shared her Sour Patch Kids with me. The second best part was the end of the movie. Not because it was a great ending (you actually see it coming a mile away) but because it was over.

Dudes, it was awful. The plot had gaping holes and the acting was about as good as the acting on reality shows. It wasn't interesting. It wasn't scary. Ok, I totally jumped and covered my eyes a few times. But I'm not going to have bad dreams and I am not going to ask Gabe to come to the bathroom with me.

Not that I've ever asked that of him or anything, cough cough avoids eye contact.

Don't even rent it in a few months, unless you're looking for a good hearty chuckle. Because we ended up laughing a lot. And like Twilight, I am fairly certain that was not the intent of the people who worked on the movie.

Regardless, we might go see The Uninvited when it comes out later this month. Because if nothing else, a relaxing night out with my sister, watching funny movies sounds good to me.

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