Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ground Control to Major Nora

I've been a little congested lately- not quite sick with a cold, but bothered by the cold outside and dry heat indoors. While I sleep, my mouth is therefore open and I wake up with a dry mouth and a sore throat.

This morning I woke up briefly and tried to moisten my mouth, and it was so dry it felt like my tongue was cracking. In a fog I pictured an actual crack in my tongue like a crack in a dry lip, and hoped my tongue wouldn't suffer an injury like this. I worried about how I might eat Goldfish crackers now with a sore cracked tongue. I suck the salt off then split the fish at the seams with my front teeth.

I made a quick trip to the bathroom, peed, and stuck my tongue out in the mirror. I saw where the muscle had dried up and caused the cracking sensation. I cupped some water in my hands, sucked it and swished it, and went back to bed.

While I was sleeping again I dreamed I was at the mirror, inspecting my tongue. The crack had become infected, turning my tongue black. I moved it around, in awe at how deep the black color was and wondered if my spit would be inky black as a result.

I'm pleased to let you know I do not in fact have an actual crack in my tongue, and it's not black either.

You want to make out with me now, don't you.


Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Shhh Nora no one is suppose to know that!

Audreee said...

Gross! I hope you feel better.