Friday, July 4, 2008


I miss Gabe. I see him for less than an hour a day when he's working, and on his days off he's sleeping for most of it. His time spent awake is when I am catching up on the cleaning I neglect while I am the only non-sleeping parent.

He's working an extra day this week for the holiday/overtime pay. Extra money? Awesome. Missing the fireworks as a family? Not awesome. My parents are taking us instead.

My freezer currently has popsicles and fudgesicles in it and this makes me a very happy woman.

I am having increasing trouble solving those dang captchas (I think that's what they're called?) when I comment on some people's blogs. Am I the only one who has to re-enter them? I think sometimes the computer is trying to trick me in case I am a smart spamming robot, and I truly do get it right on my first try but it just wants to know how persistent I am. *shakes finger* Silly computer!

Yesterday while reading his beloved animal book, Liam pointed at the dog and said, "Jog!" and then at the cat and said, "Itty!" Now he calls dogs "dah!" and is really proud of himself. So proud that he almost voluntarily touched my parents' dog today! So his word count is up to seven: book, ball, baby, banana, bottle, dog, kitty.

I called the fire department last night at 10 about the smell of gasoline or oil and some alarm going off somewhere in the building. After an inspection of the cellar, they let me know our oil furnace is being switched over to a gas heater, hence the smell, and they didn't know what the alarm was. Also, someone's bathroom or kitchen right above one of my studio rooms is about to cave in from water damage so... yeah... NOT AWESOME.

We had dinner tonight on the patio at my sister and her husband's house, with my parents and younger brother. We ordered Chinese food. This also makes me a happy woman. I like leftovers.

I found out Daryl Hall is playing a free show in Freeport this Saturday. This makes me want to snap my fingers and sing "Maneater." I hope it makes him want to do the same. This Saturday. In Freeport.

This Saturday also holds cutting woodblocks with Laurel and my mum's birthday lunch. Big day.

I'm going to eat some fudgesicles now. Yeah. It's past 1 am and that's fudgesicles, plural.

Please go here: Quiet City. Thank you.



AndreAnna said...

Whenever Mike works extra days for money (like today) I know we need it, especially with me out of work. But at the same time, I wonder if it's worth missing the time at home. I guess there's a balance somewhere.

Bridget said...

Yay Liam with all his words!! Yay Nora for yummy treats!