Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A case of the Mondays. For sixteen years.

Here's the thing. I am depressed.

I used to joke and say, "I have depression; depression doesn't have me." And at some points that was probably right. It's not any longer.

There are lots of factors, internally and externally. I don't really want to talk about them here because it'll just sound like I am complaining. I also don't feel like talking about why I am not seeking treatment yet. I just don't feel like explaining right now.

I don't feel like doing a lot of things.

But I wanted you to know because I know my blog (with the exception of the awesome REM video) hasn't been all kitties and rainbows lately. In case you were wondering what was up, that's it.

This too shall pass. Some Nora fun is coming soon though because I won an awesome contest! Thanks, Caley!

Here's some kitties and rainbows to leave you with though...

My view at the Maine Wildlife Park. I love trees.

My freakin' awesome kid, who happens to be getting two molars and is still having (mostly) a good time being freakin' awesome.

xoxo Nora


Meg said...

Came across your blog randomly. I just wanted to tell you that I know how you feel. Hang in there.

AndreAnna said...

he's so cute!

hope you're feeling better soon.

Kate said...

I used to feel down a lot of times too and didn't take anything. I hope it passes soon for you. I'm sure your lo makes it easier to get through the day...what a cutie :)

The Mouse House said...

Oh, feel better! I know how I feel on certain days... hang in there!

"A case of the Mondays..." I love that movie... Great times! Office Space rocks:)

Bridget said...

This too shall pass, I say this all the time, my mom taught me. I am sorry you are blue, I know how you feel. It is kinda hard to keep a blog full of rainbows and kites, when you don't feel like rainbows and kites. I still love reading your blog! You little guy is quite the looker, what a sweet face!

Sara said...

No reason to always be a happy blog. That is what it is here for! Glad you posted the address to BBC. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

If I only posted on my blog when I was happy, about happy happy things, my blog would be pretty darn near EMPTY. But that's the great thing about blogs- they don't get mad at you for being down! And neither will your readers. I'm glad that you won my contest, I hope that when you get your goodies in the mail that I will have cheered you up, if just a bit!

Melissa said...

Her is gorgeous! Hang in there, I agree with you that it will pass!

Besides rainbows and kites are so overrated. ;)