Friday, July 25, 2008

Come on, monsters....

You don't have to cry. We can be happy!

Watching this video with Liam has been making me happy this past week. I've needed it.

I hope you all have a pretty weekend. Any special plans?

xoxo Nora


Bridget said...

Ahhh, that's a good one!! I was recently watching sesame street and saw this one
These make me laugh, hard for some reason.
I LOVE SESAME STREET!!! it's the bomb, yo!

I have no plans this weekend...I have to work on Sunday :(

Anonymous said...

I love that video! They showed it on Sesame Street a couple of months back. What's the deal with Sesame Street? How can that show videos from when we were kids? Some of that stuff I remember watching, and it was old then. I have to admit to my odd crush on Mike Mills from R.E.M, as it was my first reason for enjoying the video...I know, I know, gross.

--The other vegetarian Courtney