Monday, June 23, 2008

My Other Thirds, the updated version

Remember this? That was one of my favorites posts, and even though it wasn't written very long ago, I need to update the part about Liam because he's already changed so much. I don't need to update about Gabe since he's an adult and doesn't change as dynamically as Liam from day to day or week to week- although he does play fewer video games now since he sold his Playstation when we needed the money. One less thing for Liam to mess with anyway! (Sorry about your PS3, Gabe. Really.)

Liam Mercury McCourtney-Wolf
Age: one year and two weeks
Role(s) in my life: bringer of sunshine, sweller of hearts
Likes: standing at the gate in the doorway of the living room, throwing his bouncy balls over the gate in the living room and looking back at us to see if we'll get them back for him, crawling around with the edges of shape sorting blocks in his teeth, resting his head on my leg when I am sitting on the couch, crawling on me while I am napping, picking up the bottom of my shirt to stick his little finger into my bellybutton, looking down the front of my shirt to find my bellybutton, pointing, using the word "BA!" to describe many things, muenster cheese, being chased by Daddy, WALKING, and playing in laundry baskets with and without clothes in them
Dislikes: nail clippings (still), bodies of water other than the bath, sitting in his high chair for too long, drinking milk by itself (can't blame him), watching Gabe and I eat if he isn't eating too, when dogs get too close
Skills: constant beauty and cuteness (still), wearing shoes now without screaming, dancing, pointing, melting hearts of strangers, and again- love.

I guess I didn't think about it as much at first because I was busy with Jules here and planning his birthday party- but Liam's one now. One. I am more in awe of it every day as I watch him take steadier steps, watch him point to things that I didn't even know he listened about, watch him figure things out with his toys and clothes, and when he crawls onto my lap for a hug. He's not a baby anymore.

I've just been overwhelmed by it. There really aren't words for it. My heart just aches with happiness, hope and anticipation... and more hope. And love.

**sniff, aniff** I am such a softie.


Bridget said...

awww sweet!

The Mouse House said...

How cute!

nicole said...

I love the way you write, I wish I could express myself in words like that