Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Other Thirds

In case you were curious, here are some things you can learn about my husband and our son.

Name: Gabriel Adams Wolf
Age: 25 (Yeah I'm a cougar? Roar.)
Role in my life: the hub
Likes: video games, talking about video games, watching videos online of other people playing video games, having the TV on in the background while he watches people play video games, sleeping, when I say, "Jealous?" like that one-legged Amy Poehler character on SNL, when Liam cuddles with him
Dislikes: when I want the TV off, when I listen to matt pond PA (jealous?), when Liam spits food at him during dinner, putting dirty laundry IN the hamper
Skills: holding down Liam for diaper changes, making me laugh until I think I might tinkle, hotness, video games (I imagine), love, putting dirty laundry NEXT TO the hamper

Name: Liam Mercury McCourtney-Wolf
Age: almost 11 months
Role in my life: bringer of sunshine
Likes: trying to crawl away during diaper changes, the sound of my voice when I sing, cuddling, holding hands, Eskimo kisses, taking his socks off, lentils, taking one step and then falling, trying to chew electrical cords, feeding himself, bath time, looking out the window, clapping
Dislikes:diaper changes, nail clippings, face and hand wiping after eating, being in the car seat too long, sleeping in
Skills: constant beauty and cuteness, taking his socks off in the duration of one blink, making girlfriends everywhere he goes, finding electrical cords that are hidden, growing cute little teeth, softest skin ever, love


bridge said...

That was so cute, and way funny! My favorite part was "watching videos online of other people playing video games" that is flippin hilarious!

AndreAnna said...

Wait till you have your second baby. You very well might tinkle when you laugh. Only like, EVERY time. :)

This was cute! But you do realize if people google your husband or your child's full name, they will be directed to this page, right? lol

Jeff said...

your husband and i share similar likes, much to the dismay of caley i might add. :-P

Caley said...

Ok, so I was gonna leave a comment saying "Not to sound stalkerish, but OUR HUSBANDS could be best friends, too!" And then I see that he's beaten me here and already said pretty much just that. But seriously, they could! Here I thought Jeff was the only person who actually sat around watching videos online of other people playing video games!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Very funny. Yeah Cooper pretty much has the EXACT same dislikes that Liam has.

Hope you are not affected by the floods.

Melissa said...

LOL, I laughed the whole way through reading this! And it was cute to boot! What Shirley Jackson did you just finish reading? I forget the name of the last book of hers I read, but hmmm. Is all I can say.

I got that buggy at BRU and Maddie LOVES it!