Saturday, June 21, 2008

When things turn out better than you expect.

This morning I was at the gallery, then Gabe, Liam and I went to the Valhalla Festival in Poland to celebrate the summer solstice. Really, we just sat with my mum and met her friends and swatted mosquitoes and listened to the bands and made sure the slightly violent dog who wasn't on a leash didn't get too close to Liam, and finally at the end watched one of Mum's bellydance classes perform (she's a teacher).

That doesn't sound very fun, I know, but it was nice. The weather was perfect and the fresh air was just what we needed. Liam, now that he doesn't scream when we put shoes on him, enjoys walking through grass, so despite the fact that he entirely skipped his second nap, he really enjoyed himself.

When we got home, he had supper and we left for the pond to feed the ducks. I wasn't sure how that was going to go because of the napping situation and the unpredictable nature of feeding wild animals. As it turns out I had nothing to worry about; the ducks were there in full, friendly, people-acclimated force, and Liam loved it. He points at things he's interested in and he did a lot of pointing.

Dudes, those ducks got so close, I was afraid they would start nibbling Liam's yummy little fingertips. They didn't and we got some good pictures.

I love Saturdays like this. Now that Gabe's starting a night job on Monday, we needed this to send him off, so to speak, since Liam and I will barely spend time with him four days a week now. At least we'll have long weekends!

Good news ----> tonight, after dinner I was still feeling a little munchy and I had two choices. An apple or pizza rolls. I chose an apple! And then I did some stretches and squats for dessert.

Oooh, pictures!

Liam was already excited before the feeding even started. He's really into animals lately.

We sat to break up pieces of bread. I thought it would be neat if Liam threw some bread too but he's too young to understand and wanted to eat it. It was not suitable for toddler consumption.

Look how close the freaking ducks got!

More pointing:


He ventured pretty close to the water so maybe he's warming up to it.

This is me picking Liam up, because he was tired and gets really clumsy when he's sleepy. He was getting all Tin Man on me. I am posting this because this is apparently what I look like when I pick my son up.

Did you miss that? I mean this.

What? He's heavy.


EthansMommy said...

LOL. Cute post!

EthansMommy said...

p.s. Now I am craving pizza rolls! mmmm

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

OK, now that I am done reading your book, LOL! I love the pics. I am actually a little fearful of ducks. When I was preg. with Al, my Rach (then 3) and I saw the ducks and the geese. Well we were out of break but they were still hungry. I had to pick Rach up (8mos preg) and run through them scared. They just wouldn't move!

jenny said...

so i totally posted pics of our duck feeding adventure on myspace (i.e. my life in pictures, ha ha). i love your blog & i love when you post pictures because i am able to see one of my favorite new england families.

bunches of love your way!

jenny said...

did i mention your hair was cute? cos your hair was adorabley cute in this photos.

the end.

Erika said...

that looks like a beautiful and fun day! How cute is your son all walking and pointing at everything!? Great post.