Monday, June 9, 2008

huh, wha? *blink*

So tired. Can't think straight. List instead of paragraph-format post. Complete sentences not guaranteed.

...Gabe's sister Jules visited from Dallas for a week. She's so lovely.

...Mother-in-law to visit in July. Hopefully.

...Liam turned one on Friday, had his party on Saturday. Perfect weather for the picnic.

...Started walking this weekend. (Liam, not me. I've been doing it for years.) He's getting more confident and adventurous.

...Went to Old Orchard Beach yesterday. Got sunburned. Only a pale Irish lass like me can get burned in the shade.

...Ate beach pizza and beach fries... mmmmmm...

...Legs still ghost-white.

...Liam hates the ocean and sand. I can understand the sand, but my heart breaks a little that he didn't enjoy the water as much as I'd hoped/thought he would.

...Hoping we'll have better luck in a lake. At least he likes the bath.

...In love with the song "Phone Fawn" by the Dark Leaves. Hear it here: The Dark Leaves on MySpace. matt pond PA's other music.

...My eyeliner broke. Love(d) my eyeliner.

...It's all clean but the bedroom.

...Bedroom = disaster.


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AndreAnna said...

We're from the jersey shore and last time we went, my kid hated the beach too! Who ARE these children?

Glad you had a nice weekend.