Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sweet suit

This is the only bathing suit I have seen this season, or ever, that I would be willing to slide my post-partum, mostly unexercised twenty-six-year-old, a-little-jigglier-than-it-used-to-be body into. The problem? Urban Outfitters wants $88 for it. That's more than what I paid for my wedding gown, and about $60 more than what I could/should spend on a swimsuit.

Am I now condemned to a life of granny skirts on my swimsuits? Those are pretty cheap at Wal-Mart, I imagine.

Or should I... just exercise? Yeah. Yes. The answer is yes. I have more time for it now. I'm only twenty-six. No granny skirts, please. Not yet.


AndreAnna said...

I actually had a really swesome suit last summer that had s skirt-ish type thing but was still sexy and had a halter top and I loved it. I cannpt remember where I got it though, but I want to say maybe Target. Check there before you spend 88$ on a suit.

But, for my honeymoon, I did splurge and go to California Sunshine to try on suits and though I had a completely different body, I bought two suits that I loved (that currently sit in a bin labeled "skinny/pre-baby stuff") but they were like 300$ for both. Insane, right?

caley said...

It's boy-short-bottoms and tankini tops for my 27-year-old-had-two-kids-body all the way from now on. Just got a new one from Old Navy for $30. Even with that amount of coverage, I'm STILL afraid to wear it in public!

The one you talked about is reeeally cute, though.

Kari-Anne said...


I actually got a one piece that cost me 120$ .... I know - how nuts is that . And it is not even flattering . I spend mayebe 200$ a year on clothes for myself lol I justified it to myself that I am going to swim all summer lol

nicole said...

I am in the same dilemma!

Last summer I had an excuse, I just had a baby a month ago, doesn't work this year and it is getting hot here. LOL