Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hug a Tree, Kiss the Clouds, Save the Earth

Happy Earth Day!

You are probably bombarded today with eco tips, and instead of more of that I will etch two lasting images into your brains to keep you mindful of our earth all year 'round.

In fifth grade, I tried to start a group at school called the Save the Earth Club. People made fun of me, except for my two friends who were members. They were made fun of too. It was not "cool" yet to care. Those foolish eleven-year-olds! Where were you then, Al Gore?? Oh yeah. In the White House (or wherever the vice president lives). Being made fun of for trying to raise environmental awareness. I know how you felt.

Too bad I didn't have these t-shirts then!!!

This is my "YOU BETTER RECYCLE, FOOL!" face.

And this is here because my shirt says LOVE YOUR MOTHER. Also in this photo is my friend Sophie. Her shirt says b(eco)me, which is part of the environmental awareness campaign Half Price Books runs. (This was my last day on the job before I moved.)

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