Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What you don't know...

I frequently find myself unable to pull myself away from that TLC show, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. My own pregnancy symptoms were so immediate and glaring that there was no denying I was pregnant before the tests were even coming up positive. I can't imagine someone entering into their third trimester and then going into labor without ever knowing their body was a vessel for another human being- although, it's apparently possible. (Have you seen that show? IT FREAKS ME OUT!)

Lately I have been feeling pregnant. I'm not. Not even a little. But I feel all these pregnancy-ish symptoms that, if we were trying to conceive, would send me into a frenzy of peeing on sticks and waiting for double pink lines.

Even though I know I am not expecting, I have these brief moments of panic where I can hear the narrator telling TLC viewers my story: "Although Nora gained no weight and could still fit into her size four jeans, she was thirty-seven weeks pregnant and had no idea she was about to give birth to her second child on her kitchen floor."

There's a commercial break, then we return to the dark-haired actress portraying me, sweating heavily, gritting her teeth and writhing on the floor. Narrator: "Nora thought it was a problem with her cystic ovaries or another bout of gas."

My appetite has increased, I have cravings, I am uncontrollably exhausted sometimes to the point of near narcolepsy, I am moody, I am light headed, and I've been having more headaches. If I wasn't still having my period in a big way I'd totally be peeing on sticks EVERY DAY.


Justi said...

That is an odd show. I have seen it before.

BTW, stop on over to my blog sometime...:)


Bridget said...

Ha Ha. you are totally prego :) better teach liam to dial 911 for when you can't and are pushing out babe #2 on the kitchen floor next week LOL! That show is a addicting.

Jenny said...

You are so funny. I've watched that show before too and this past month, I had almost convinced myself I was pregnant as well even though there was no way I was. Just weird PMS I guess. I think we need to stay away from that show. I don't know how someone would not know they were pregnant either! Crazy!

Jen said...

Thanks for this! I just completely laughed out loud in my empty living room at your description of how the show about you would go.
(p.s. I used to have those months a lot. I swear that sometimes pms can really just mimic all of our pregnancy symptoms.)