Monday, July 6, 2009

new things

This coming weekend, my big brother Scott is moving back home from Brooklyn. I'm excited for him to be around again, permanently (for now), because he's loving, helpful and funny, and he and Liam have a lot of fun together. Liam's changed a lot since Christmastime, when Scott was visiting last, so Scott will have a lot of fun watching his nephew's new tricks, and listening to him bust out all of his new words and sentences and babbled soliloquies.

On Saturday morning I'm picking up a cargo van from a rental place here in town, and driving to New York to pick Scott and his belongings up, then we're road-tripping it back to Maine. I'll be in New York City for one night.

All I can think is:

OMG what am I going to wear???


OMG how the hell do I drive in New York City???

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Audreee said...

Have a blast driving a rental van in NY. haha!