Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a few things

1. My new dryer was delivered today! There's a laundry party commencing (quietly and efficiently!) in my kitchen right now, and the laundromat can SUCK IT.

2. I have experienced my first two cases of The Whys? today, thanks to my growing, smarty-pants toddler, and I am not sure I was prepared for it to start so soon. I mean, it's really easy so far but still. I need to be a quicker thinker.

ME: Liam, want to come help me with the laundry?
ME: *whips head around* ...Because...... I... need your... help...?

ME: Liam, don't stand right in front of the TV!
ME: *blank stare... blink blink*
LIAM: *funny dance he does when he thinks he's in trouble*
ME: Because you can see it from the couch.
LIAM: Ok, Mama.

3. Lately, in our living room dance parties he will only dance to Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" or "Golden Years" by David Bowie. My kid is awesome.

4. He's getting a twin bed soon! Woo-hooooooo!


Nicole said...

There will be soooooooooooo many more WHYs. lol

Nora Maeve Downing said...

I just read your blog for the first time today and have to share that my name is Nora as well, my brother is Liam, and my husband is Scott! A bit freaky how two of the most important men in our lives share names! I'll keep reading, and when my little Nugget, as we affectionately call the baby, is born, I may have a blog of my own!