Saturday, August 16, 2008

my face again

I've now been using honey and brown sugar to cleanse my face for one week.

And I want to urge you all to try it. Especially if you have problematic skin.

Now, my skin is still my skin. I still have acne scarring, wounds from recent breakouts, and my general Nora-ness. I do now, however, have brighter skin. My healthy skin looks wonderful and my non-healthy skin looks better than it used to. (It'll never be perfect and I'm done expecting that.) My tone has evened out a bit, and I haven't used moisturizer or toner all week. I haven't needed to.

My face doesn't look shiny in a matter of a couple hours anymore and it feels a lot softer. In fact, I showered yesterday morning and it was well into the evening when I started looking a little oily- and that was only on my nose, not my forehead or chin. This was well after I'd taken a 2+ mile walk which included a little uphill jogging with our regular stroller and some sweating. I haven't had any new breakouts. I'm still seeing tiny pores being cleared of what I didn't even realize was in there.

So do this: buy a honey bear and find a small container to keep your brown sugar in. (I'm using a round plastic container that used to have a single serving of baby food in it.) Keep these in your shower or on your bathroom counter. Whenever you wash your face, squeeze a dime-to-quarter size drop of honey in your hand and take a pinch of brown sugar. Mix them well and rub it on your face. Let the concoction sit on your skin for a few minutes if you can. (In the shower I do it before shaving and when I wash my face at the sink I just rinse it right off.) Rinse. Enjoy.

I haven't been wearing my usual mineral powder and I am pretty sure honey and brown sugar won't remove makeup. I am going to do a little research and see what I can do about this in the future if I'm wearing the makeup for a special occasion.

But really. Give this a shot for at least a week and see what it does for your skin.

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Jer said...

I tried it too and I love it. I'm just having a hard time getting the mixture right. I loved my cookie smelling face. I was holding Ellianna after I did it and she tried licking my face. It was hilarious. Good thing I got rid of the ants in my house or they'd probably be all over my face. LOL