Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three years in a blink.

On June 6, my little babycakes turned three years old.



Here is a photo of the three of us first thing on his birthday morning. Sleepy and excited.

His party was a week later- the Wild Things party he's been talking about for almost a year. I made a banner and giant character illustrations, and a cake that looked like Max that Liam specifically requested. The party guests (well, the kids) made a Wild Thing craft that I forgot to get pictures of! But when I read Where the Wild Things Are to everyone, the kids were so cute and involved in the story, roaring back at me and showing their terrible claws. It was such a great birthday party.



Liam's been telling me all of the things he can do now that he's three years old, like drinking soda, driving cars and motorcycles, and drinking coffee.

Not quite yet, baby.

*I am having trouble with sizing... please forgive the slight cutoffs on the right sides of the photos. The banner, in full, says, "I love you so."

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