Sunday, May 31, 2009

perils of the absent mind

The most inconvenient thing about accidentally running my husband's cell phone through the washing machine is the fact that he can no longer call my number when I lose my cell phone twice a day.

And the whole, you know, Gabe not having a phone thing. (We don't have/need a land line.)

(Unless you count situations like these.)

The replacement cannot arrive soon enough!


Jes said...

AHH! I did that about a year ago. It meant my husband got my cell phone and I took one of our old ones. But the guy at the verizon store said if you ever wash your phone you should put it through the dryer too, because most people who wash and dry it don't have problems with the phone, but those who only wash it do. Weird huh? So try putting it in the dryer.

If that doesn't work you can probably use an old phone and switch his # to if.

Audreee said...

Well poop on a biscuit! That
You know, it's his fault. Did he leave it in his pocket? My husband always leaves important junk in his pockets, then expects me to retrieve them before they go in the wash. Then I ask him: "Did I give birth to you?" No. I ain't your mama!

That Nora Girl said...

Jes, that's so interesting about the dryer! Unfortunately ours doesn't work and I would feel weird doing that at a laundrymat, in case something melts or explodes. :) I don't want THAT weight on my shoulders!

Audrey, ok, here's the story. Gabe and I are totally weird and we don't use alarm clocks. We use our phone alarms. So Gabe's phone was actually under his pillow one day last week when I was doing laundry and stripping the bed. I had no idea it was still there until the wash was done and he asked me where I put his phone. OOPS. But because my phone went missing last night (thanks Liam!) I had to plug in one of our alarm clocks finally and now we're a little closer to normal.