Friday, December 5, 2008

ice cream surprise

Tonight I got home from my sister's just in time to sit down and watch The Office. Liam was sleeping, and I knew I'd be able to hear every single clever word and not have to divert my eyes from the screen.

Hey, when you only ask for thirty minutes of television a week, you are allowed to want and expect complete and total concentration on the awesomeness that is The Office.

At the first commercial break I already had a goofy grin and I got up to get some ice cream because I figured, if I am watching The Office in complete and total glee, why not add all natural mint chocolate chip to the mix?

As I got up I said, "This is going to be like the best thirty minutes of my week!" Meaning, of course, aside from the minutes I spend actually interacting with people who love me.

When Gabe saw me heading to the door he asked me to get him some ice cream.

I twirled around, flashing my smile, and said, "But of course! That's exactly where I am going right now!" I leaned down and gave him one of those kisses usually reserved for more special occasions than eating ice cream together (unless that's what the kids are calling it these days).

"Mmmm," he hummed as I once again headed for the door. "Where did YOU come from?"

I pointed to my corner of the couch. "Right there!" I guess I was still smiling really big or something because then he said:

"Oh my God, Jim Halpert turns you on, doesn't he??"


In other news:
1. In case any of you Twilight fans were offended by my last post, don't worry, I was totally kidding. I liked that movie more than I should. High five, Stephanie Meyer.
2. My art show is now in eight days. EIGHT DAYS. I have a lot to prepare for and yet I am completely distracted by what to wear to it. I am considering a post with photos of all of my options and have you guys vote. That's how much I am worrying about it.
3. Also distracted by writing my own bio and providing a photo of myself for the press release. What do I say?? Should my photo be fun or serious??? Too many decisions!
4. I haven't been sick lately but I have not been feeling good. It sucks. A lot. Today I felt like my body was not even mine.
5. This is a big month for me: art show, my birthday, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.
6. Liam turns 18 months tomorrow. Really? Already?
7. It's almost 2 am now. Liam is awake. This is what I get for my thirty minutes of silence earlier in the evening.


AndreAnna said...

That's so exciting about the art show!

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Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

<3 ya Nora!

P.S I also love, love, love The Office! :o)