Monday, November 24, 2008

celebrity blahhhh

We are sitting here watching E! because we like The Soup, then we zoned out on our laptops during the show about the Playboy bunnies, and then E News came on and I looked up.

Seems Heidi and Spencer have tied the knot in a secret wedding, and, surprised, I wondered, "What!" out loud. Then I forgot about it and looked at my laptop again.

Gabe tsked. "I can't believe you just cared. That's sad, Nora."

For the record: the only part of The Hills I've ever seen are when they make fun of it on The Soup, and I happen to think that Heidi and Spencer are pretty useless, even as forms of entertainment. To borrow a phrase from Joel McHale, I am disturbed by Spencer's "flesh-colored beard" and Heidi... put some clothes on.

In other celebrity news that has no effect on my life, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz named their son Bronx Mowgli. There better be a good reason for that.

I am all for unusual names but I wonder what it is that comes over celebrities when they are naming their offspring. These aren't pets who get to pull off cool names. They're human children. And because their parents are famous, not only can an entire classroom or school bus make fun of these kids with wacky names, but the entire world can have a good chuckle about it too. And BLOG ABOUT IT.

I like to think that these kids who've been announced into the world as Pilot Inspekter, Banjo, Kal-el, Poet, Audio Science, Bluebell, Poppy Honey, and Daisy Boo actually are named things like John, Elizabeth, Jacob, Sarah, Sam, and Iris but their parents are just playin' with us. Because they should not be playin' with their kids like that.

I purposefully left Apple off the list above because I actually think that's a cute idea. Apple. Aww. I said I was all for unusual names.

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