Tuesday, March 25, 2008

9 month check up

Because I completely flaked and got all kinds of mixed up two weeks ago, Liam had his nine month check up this morning, at nine and a half months old. Eh, whatevs.

He is twenty-one pounds, which puts him in the 55th percentile for weight, and thirty inches, which is in the 95th percentile. He definitely has a belly and baby chub but he's so tall and thin!

He got a hep-B vaccine, which I wasn't expecting. I thought his nine month check up was going to be needle-free. This time though I didn't cry. I didn't even come close. Maybe I am getting stronger. Liam was pretty pissed about it though and I am not looking forward to his twelve month vaccines. The nurse warned me that he'll be cranky for a week. Poor baby. (And poor mommy.)

I was happy that Dr. M didn't try to sway me from feeding Liam a vegetarian diet like too many other non-vegetarians seem to have an opinion about. He recommended I start adding cheese, yogurt, egg yolks and olive oil to his diet for protein and fat. Liam had yogurt for the first time today, which he liked, and I'll start with egg yolks when we get to Maine later this week.

I asked Dr. M about the strabismus surgery and he said he completely trusts and agrees with Dr. Stone's advice to have the surgery done as soon as possible. Once insurance is straightened out after we get to Maine we'll look into it further. It still makes me sick in my stomach but I don't want Liam to have vision problems in the future if one of his eyes is always overcompensating.

We are moving in three days. We packed a bunch today but too bad it doesn't look like we did. Dudes, I have so many books.

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AndreAnna said...

Wow, big boy!!! My daughter is a self-imposed vegetarian (refuses all meat) and is healthy as a horse. I've come up with some awesomely healthy and yummy recipes for stuff to help make sure she has good protein and fat if you're interested.

I'm sorry he has to have surgery - that must be so scary.

And you do get used to them getting shots - but I'll be honest, it's worse when they're older because they can use words and beg you. Heart-wrenching.