Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Art of Being Special, or Sorry We Don't Have a Section Called OTHER COUNTRIES

So if you read my last post, you’ll know that Thursday was a bad day for me and I, needless to say, was feeling a bit fragile/feisty about it at work on Friday. I was just hoping no customers would yell at me about a low offer for their moldy books, none of my co-workers would get under my skin, and that a customer wouldn’t come in a week after they put something on hold and not understand why in the world we’d say we’d hold something for them and then put it back, even though we don’t hold things for a week.

I could just imagine my lower lip trembling or my last nerve combusting and Nora going into Norse Rage Mode, on account of my Viking ancestry.

Less than thirty minutes before the end of my shift, that special customer walks in the door. Tiffany is at the register and I am standing nearby putting clearance stickers on some of my books.

Special Customer:
Where do you keep books about going to other countries?
Tiffany: Those are in the travel section.
Special Customer: No, not travel books. Just, like, information about other countries.
Tiffany: What kind of information?
Special Customer: You know, like going there, or just, other countries in general.
Tiffany: Nora?
Special Customer: I just want to know about other countries, like going there.
Tiffany: But not travel.
-Tiffany and I ponder for a moment, trying to determine where to send the Special Customer, since she’s so sure she wants to go to other countries, not travel there.-
Special Customer: Oh, come on now, it can’t be that hard to figure out.
-A nerve combusts. Luckily I happened to have one and a half available.-
Nora: Ma’am, if you’re looking for information about other countries, it’ll be categorized into something specific, like travel, photography, art, history, culture-
Special Customer: -exasperated- Well what about retiring to other countries? Where’s your retirement section?
Nora: We have a shelf for retirement in the business aisle but those books will deal with the financial aspect of retiring.
Special Customer: -tsks and sighs- Never mind. Where’s your travel section? I guess I just have to look at travel books.


All Adither said...

Perhaps she should be directed to Amazon where she can type in "other countries blah blah blah" and find 2,000,000 hits that she can then sift through.

Angie (

bridge said...

I bet they found what they were looking for in the travel section LOL! oh an d for a camera I have a canon rebel xti! I love it!

Jenny said...

Don't you love those people? I used to work in fast food and I hated "those customers." They just try to make you feel stupid, when they, in fact, are the dumb ones! Funny story.

EthansMommy said...

LOL!! What an idiot. This is a great blog!!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

NORA, just letting you know that a fellow Mainer hears you and understands. I'll never be back though, not as long as I am with DH. Sorry about the way you are feeling, I'm going to pray for you! Your lo is handsome!

Stepherz said...

Why was it so hard for her to just say what she wanted? I think she wants to move to another country-- renounce citizenship-- or something. But most people are uncomfortable just saying that, I bet. It's almost like betrayal to admit you want to leave your country for another. No one wants to appear unpatriotic.

She shouldn't have assumed you were able to read her mind, whatever her reasons for being so vague. Geesh. People. You handled her quite well!