Thursday, January 3, 2008


It's 2008 now. Liam will be seven months old on Sunday and he's so close to crawling and knows he's so close, and he keeps trying so hard. Santa was really good to him last week. He got mounds of clothes and books and a couple toys. He enjoys it all. His hair is getting thicker and the other day, as I was looking at him as he looked up at me, I could see shadows of the future of his hair and it was adorable. He looks at me like he loves me.

It's 2008 now. I am hoping 2008 means our return to Maine. It's been cold(ish) here lately and it makes me ache for home. For the smell of snow, the quiet of snow, and the wet, triumphant return of spring. For my family and their really good hugs. For watching Liam at the ocean, in the country, in his Grandmere and Grandpop's arms, in the woods, in Portland. For that feeling Gabe and I used to have when we lived in Maine.

It's 2008 now. This Valentine's Day is our five year anniversary, five years of cuddling in bed, five years being sillier in front of each other than we can be in front of anyone else, five years of making each other laugh until it hurts, five years of bickering, five years of still thinking it's unbelievable, the way we met, and that it's worked. Despite the bickering. We're allowed that. And he, too, looks at me like he loves me. In August we'll have the second anniversary of our marriage.

It's 2008 now. Will this be the year I finally finish writing a novel? Find more motivation and success for my arts and crafts and design? Save some money? Stick up for myself more? Keep my house more clean and organized? Grow a garden? Win the lottery? Here's to 2008.

Here's to maybe updating this thing more. It's 2008.

xoxo Nora

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