Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today's Inventory

Didn't get enough sleep. Liam was moving around and talking in his sleep all night.

Leaky diaper false alarm before we were ready to get up; slapped my head repeatedly.

Three tantrums by Liam within 10 minutes of waking.

One pee puddle on the bathroom floor next to the potty, also by Liam, in this same 10-minute time frame.

Three time outs.

While in time out Liam discovered he could reach my CDs so time out was not effective.

Time out spot was moved three inches, out of reach from CDs.

Wrestling matches occurred during every. single. diaper change.

Liam knocked the X-Box off of the TV.

Lots of kicks and defiance.

One piece of paper stuck up Liam's nose for at least twenty minutes. Feared surgical removal would become necessary when I was losing sight of the paper up his nostril; almost called the doctor.


1 comment:

Jes said...

what a horrible day! sounds like my two year old! except she doesn't put things up her nose. I'd say that was a boy thing, but when I was little I remember sticking a salmon egg (fishing bait) up my nose. I never told anyone and it stayed up there for a long time before it came out.

I hope tomorrow goes better for you!