Monday, August 27, 2007

Superbad... or Super inappropriate yet hilarious?

For the first time since... I don't know, a long time... Gabe and I went out on a date. All last week I was doing trial runs of leaving Liam home with Kay while I ran quick errands (and I mean quick- I said that it was so Liam could get used to being home with someone else before I went back to work but it was more of an exercise for myself to get used to it) and decided that maybe I- ahem- I mean, Liam was ready to be at home with Kay for a couple hours without me. Since Gabe and I hadn't been out for our anniversary earlier in the month we decided to see a movie together on Saturday. We chose Superbad because we laughed at the previews we saw on TV and as a fan of Arrested Development reruns on G4 on Sundays I wanted to see Michael Cera in something else because he makes me laugh too.

Now, when I was in high school, I had a couple guy friends, but not many. I was too shy to talk to most boys even if I didn't have a crush on them. But I am pretty sure that most of the boys I was friends with didn't actually talk the way the high school boys in this movie talked. As I type this I am aware I am just saying that because I hope they didn't. I have a little brother and I can't imagine him having ever said those words. Perhaps this is why the movie made me laugh- if I knew people who talked only about sex in the most graphic and inappropriate ways, it would have just been an hour and a half of real life. Instead I got these impossibly adorable potty-mouthed kids who I probably would've been friends with in high school (as long as they didn't say d*ck and p**sy all the time in front of me), or wanted to be friends with them but was too shy to approach them, even the awkward, sweet, puppy-dog eyed Evan (Michael Cera).

So if you don't want to think too hard and you want to laugh at kids you wish had been your friends in high school, go ahead and spend $5-12 on this movie (depending on where you live and how expensive your local theaters are).

To clarify a few things:

- The man I refer to as my "little brother" is actually now twenty-three years old, has a pretty intense beard, and is undeniably taller than me.
- The more I think about it, I kind of remember the last time Gabe and I went out alone. It was before I had Liam and we had dinner at Chili's. Maybe sometime in May?
- I know for sure the time before that was in February when we went to Cafe Brazil for our other anniversary that marks how long we've been together.
- I have no idea why the movie is called Superbad.
- As the mother of a very new, very pure and innocent son I also like to tell myself kids don't really talk like that because I can't imagine those thoughts even passing Liam's future teenage mind, let alone those words ever passing his future teenage lips.

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